Add-on Covers for Car Insurance

A car insurance add-on is an extra protection that can be chosen with a comprehensive car package insurance plan. When we purchase a (private/commercial) car protection policy, various insurance companies offer a wide range of add-on covers.
Below is the commonly bought list of addons:

Zero Depreciation Cover – this is one of the well known rider (zero dep), everyone wants to add to regular motor insurance. Some companies name it nil-depriciation or bumper-to-bumper cover  
Roadside Assistance Cover – this helps car owners to call a professional help in case car breaks down in middle of road. Same as 24/7 Car & Bike roadside assistance service. 
Key Loss Cover – as the name sugggest – helps you if you loss your keys.
Engine Protection – adds extra protection to engine 
Return To Invoice – (available for new cars only upto 3/4 yrs) – your IDV will be your purchase price of car.
NCB Protection – You will get the bonus discount on renwal, even if you made a claim.
Tyre Damage Cover – 
Consumables Add-on

With all these add on insurance covers for your car,  your car is more protected.

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