LIC IPO – Who can not apply?

Many policyholders may be interested in applying for allotment in the IPO. However, not all LIC policyholders will be eligible to apply via Policyholder Reservation Portion (up to 10% would be reserved for LIC policyholders.).

Let’s see which LIC policyholders are not eligible to apply for the LIC IPO under the Policyholder Reservation Portion:

LIC Award winner from Rohini 12H
  • In case of joint demat account holders, only primary account holder can apply for offer. (both holders can not apply)
  • spouse of an annuity (pension) policyholder (now deceased)
  • NRIs can not apply
  • As a Nominee, one can not apply.

In short, only active policyholders of LIC are eligible to bid under the “Policyholder Reservation” Portion. However, one can apply as a RIB or Non-Institutional Bidder.

Please keep an eye on all notifications from the LIC of India issued in leading newspapers.

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