Diabetes and Hypertension

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body cannot properly regulate blood sugar levels. It can be caused by genetics and/or lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise habits.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs when the force of your heart pumping against your arteries increases to a level that may damage your arteries over time. High blood pressure also increases risk for other health problems such as stroke, heart attack and kidney disease.

What Does the Diabetic Plan Cover?

  1.  In-patient care
  2. Pre-existing conditions related to diabeties
  3.  Complications of diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy (DR), nephropathy and neuropathy.
  4.  Day-care treatments like insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGM) and finger prick blood glucose monitoring devices.
  5.  Chronic conditions like hypertension/high blood pressure or heart disease/cardiac problems that require regular medication for its management or control.

Exclusions under Diabetic Insurance

  • Specific exclusions. These are conditions that are not covered by policy, such as pre-existing conditions or injuries caused by war or terrorism.
  • Waiting periods. Your policy may have a waiting period before it starts paying for certain services, such as hospitalization and surgery. If you’re hospitalized during this time, you’ll be responsible for paying all of your medical bills until your coverage kicks in–and yes, that means even if they occur while being treated at an emergency room!
  • Sub-limits: Some policies set limits on how much they will pay per day (or other unit of time) for certain types of treatments or procedures; others may have limits on how many days they cover hospital stays altogether (usually 30).
As per the insurer experiance, compnay keeps updating features. To get the latest broucher of the plan, feel free to ask. 

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