Mother and Child

Maternity Benefits in Health Insurance

Wow. It’s great to know you are planning for the most beautiful experiences in life and you already know having one extra member in the family means added expenses and responsibilities.

Even a normal delivery or C-section procedure can cost somewhere around Rs 30k to Rs 2 lakh. And during this moment, financial strain should be the last thing on your mind.

Nearly all major health insurance companies in India offer health insurance with maternity coverage. If it is not a Corporate (group) Health Insurance nearly all “Maternity Health Insurance Policies” have a waiting period of about 2-4 years.

Generally, a maternity cover provides:

  • pre & post-delivery expenses (usually for up to 2 deliveries)
  • regular/ natural and cesarean delivery
  • pre-hospitalization expenses. Like: diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, ambulance services, tests for detecting congenital diseases, etc.
  • coverage for in-patient hospitalization (pre-natal) expenses including cost of delivery procedure, day-care treatment, room rent, doctor’s fee, nurse’s fee, consultation fee, medications, etc.
  • coverage for post-hospitalization (post-natal) expenses
  • coverage for new-borns including the cost of healthcare, vaccinations, and specific childbirth defects

Also, most companies do not give maternity coverage to an already pregnant woman. Furthermore, there is an age cap for the maternity cover. Considering all this, it’s better to buy a health insurance plan of with maternity coverage well before you plan to conceive.

Every company has its own products with different features so for more details on policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations, please refer/read policy.

There are many plans which cover maternity. Some plans include Care Joy, Star Health Family Health Optima, SBI Arogya Premier, Max Bupa Heartbeat Gold, etc.

The premium for a plan of health insurance with maternity varies on a lot of factors. These factors include the sum insured, age, number of insured members, your medical history, and existing medical condition, the health policy term, etc.